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very popular japanese xnxx as a study partner or lab partner." indian xnxx She grimaced at that. "Stop trying so hard." Laurie repeated slowly. "You have a friend whom you like and who likes you. You have people who are willing to accept you on at least an xnnn academic level and that is something you can build on. And, I seem to see a real improvement in your shooting." Jacqui's hands moved to her bosom and cupped herself with a smirk. "I am learning how not to fall when these keep going one way when xnxx. my feet go another, and indian xnxx I have learned my new range. I am not strong enough for a twenty footer anymore, but I am getting xnx the hang of a ten-to-fifteen footer again. I guess I am going to be a guard and not a power forward. If I zoo xnxx make the team." "You will. I think you have made a lot of progress, dear. Really. Your healing xnxx hot lessons are going very well, too. You have picked it up much faster than I xnxx app xnxx com/ did. So, just take it easy, okay? Look, if you are worried about tonight, just let, what is her name, Bonnie? Let Bonnie take the lead." Taking a huge chance, Laurie stood and went over to stand behind her daughter. She squeezed the girl's shoulders comfortingly and leaned over to whisper into her ear. "Just have fun." xnxx tamil Jacqui sighed and then leaned her head back into her Mother's neck. Gripping her mother's hands in her own, she smiled wanly. "I will try, Mom. I will try." Speaking of fun reminded Jacqui of something. "Mom? Speaking of fun. . . .girls play chess, don't they?" The tone was wistfully hopeful. "Last time I checked, dear." site xnxx Laurie laughed. "Why?" "Well, xvideos one of the things you . . . . put into xnxx movies storage for Jack was my chess set. I could still play on the computer, but I liked moving and handling the chessmen when I played." Laurie site xnxx smiled gently. "You were the school district champion last year, weren't you?" A frown shuttered Jacqui's eyes and her voice lost its vibrancy. "Jack won the district championship, but Jack is indian xnxx no longer with us. I have not had the courage to go and see whose name is engraved on the trophy in xnxx hindi the school display case." Hurting for her child, Laurie embraced Jacqui and felt her daughter lean harder into her. "Your name, luv. Jacqueline Donovan. You still won the championship, Jacqui. I never intended this Transformation to diminish you, sweetheart. Quite the opposite, in fact. Every honor you ever won that I could somehow shift to your new life is still yours. Honest." Jacqui just stood there, for a xxn long, long time, letting herself bask in her Mother's comforting embrace. She had missed it so much. Finally, she spoke, her voice just a little xnxx japanese husky with emotion. "So, uhhh, video xnxx if I get a new chess xnxx set, you won't put it into cold storage, too?" Another little hug. "No, xnxx barat love. In fact, xnxx telugu I will go looking for one while you entertain your guest. My special treat, okay?" "Thanks, Mom." Her voice cracked that time. Embarrassed by the emotions she could not seem to control, Jacqui gave her Mother a little kiss on the cheek, and then all but ran from the room. ************* Bonnie rode home xnxx. com from school that night in Jacqui's car. A picture of Jack bringing such a hot looking girl home to Mom brought a bit of a smile to Jacqui's face. Dinner was a jovial occasion, with Bonnie keeping the conversation lively and humorous. Her mom xnxx xnxx japan presence did a lot to ease the remaining xnxx telugu tension between mother and Transformed daughter. The three of them made quick work of xnxx anime the after dinner xxx video clean up, but when Jacqui suggested they start studying, Bonnie rebelled. "Do we have to start xnxxcom tonight? Can't we watch some TV, or go for a walk, or *something*? Isn't tomorrow soon enough for you to crack the whip over my poor head?" Jacqui pretended to consider. "I don't know." she said speculatively. "Do you really think there is enough time this weekend if we don't get on it right away?" Bonnie's eyes went wide. Playfully, she picked up xnxx korea the decorative pillow from the couch she was seated on and pitched it at Jacqui's head. "BITCH!!" she spluttered, before falling into a peel of giggles. "No, I don't think we need to work twenty four hours a day. Besides, all work and no play makes Jacqui a very dull girl and will make Bonnie crazy." Settling the pillow down beside her and taking a very dignified xnxx hd pose, tamil xnxx Jacqui www xnxx sniffed. "Very well. What *do* you want to do, then?" "I know, you can show me around the house and then xnxx sex we can go up to your room and play dress-up. I want to play with your hair and makeup. You xnxx arab never wear any and I have been itching to see some on www xnxx com you." xnxx india Laurie, seated beside Bonnie on the couch, tried to look only mildly interested as Jacqui dealt with Bonnie's idea. Actually, this was a xxnxx key aspect of the agenda that she xnxx sex video and Bronwyn had worked up for this weekend. Thus far, Jacqui had studiously ignored the array wwwxnxx of cosmetics that Laurie had left for her the night after the Transformation. mom xnxx This lesson was one that Jacqui needed, but they had agreed that they would not press it if she resisted strenuously. But Laurie xnxx. com could not help hoping. Stunned by the idea, Jacqui had to resist refusing out of hand. Bonnie was her friend, and so far, her only friend. She did not want to offend her by declining to do something she wanted to do, gay xnxx but still - to wear makeup? Like a girl? But you are a girl, a niggling thought taunted. Swallowing, she looked nervously at Bonnie. "You. . . ummm . think I really need to xnxx jepang wear makeup, Bonnie?" Bronwyn/Bonnie almost cheered, but instead let a very feminine smile light up her face. "Darling, nobody *needs* makeup. You *need* food. You *need* air and water. Cosmetics are among xnxxcom the little extras that make life special. They xnx make you look good and that makes you feel good." Bonnie decided to sink the hook by letting disappointment and a touch of hurt xnxx com creep into her voice. "But, if you don't want to. . ." Jacqui fell on the bait and took it down in one gulp. "No, no. It sounds like. . ." She swallowed again and licked her dry lips, "umm, fun." gay xnxx Shock sent icy chills down indo xnxx her body as she realized what she had just agreed to do with Bonnie. Bonnie and her Mother just sat there looking at her, waiting for her to do. . . what? sex Finally to fill in the gap in conversation, Jacqui forced a smile and asked. "So, Bonnie. What do you want to see first? I know. I will vina garut xnxx show you my library. Yes, that is perfect." Surprised by that statement, Laurie forgot her decision to remain silent and asked "Your xnxx videos library, Jacqui? What is so perfect about starting in your library?" The smile on her daughter's face became blinding as she stood up and hauled her friend to her feet. "So Bonnie will know the place of my xnxx cina retribution tomorrow if nxxn she gets too carried away with this make-over plan of hers. Come along, Bonnie, let's go xvideo see my whips and chains. See you, Mum." Bronwyn managed xnxx videos to shoot a look of triumph at Laurie before she had to stagger after Jacqui to keep from falling as she was xnxx tamil dragged from the room bodily. Laurie smiled softly at the little xnxn victory. She hoped it would work and that Jacqui would start experimenting a little with her video porno looks on her own. Hopefully, she would start taking a little feminine pride in her appearance. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow, xnxx gay she'd see her daughter in make up for the first time since that abortive trip to the beautician. A xxx couple of hours later, Jacqui was sitting in front of her vanity mirror, staring at herself and trying to sort out all xnxx the feelings that were assailing her. Confusion was a large part of it, but there were also sizable pieces of xnxx video pride and even nxxn arousal in sex xnxx the mix, too. Just to make sure she was not dreaming, she closed her eyes and pinched herself xnxx video hard. Nothing changed when she reopened her eyes. The woman looking back from her mirror was someone Jacqui did not video porno know. The hair she had taken to wearing in a ponytail bokep xnxx (because it was easy), xnxx sex videos had been teased into xnxx porn lion-mane fullness. It also seemed to change the shape of her xnxx vina garut head completely. Her face was different, too. The colors that Bonnie had chosen from that dizzying array of bottles and xnxx .com pots were very subtle, yet very effective. Her eyes seemed larger and more doe-like; her cheeks seemed higher and more shapely; her lips seemed fuller and more pouty. That was not all. She was wearing a very silky, shorty nightgown that Bonnie had found in a bag of clothes from that marathon shopping porn xnxx trip. Jacqui had hidden that bag in the bottom of xnxx sex her bottom armoire drawer so sunny leone xnxx she would not have to look at it, but Bonnie had found it mere moments after they had entered Jacqui's room. Once she'd seen it, nothing else in Jacqui's entire wardrobe xvideos had been satisfactory. Lord, Jacqui thought, I can see my nipples puckering through xnxx. com this thing. Her fingernails were again adorned with polish. This time the color was one more suited to Jacqui's dark gypsy coloring than the xxnxx one she had worn initially as Scully's twin. Her toenails had been painted to match and on her feet were the two and a half inch tall high heeled mules she had tried to talk her Mother out of buying when they'd gone to the shoe store. "Well?!?" xnxx asia Bonnie's tone was impatient, xnxx hindi with just a touch of anxiety thrown in for effect. "What do you think?" Bronwyn let her voice become wheedling. Jacqui opened her mouth to answer, but could find no words. Her head swivelled to look at Bonnie then back to the mirror before finally setting xnxx/ on her friend. xnxx stories zoo xnxx "I don't know what to think. I did not know I could look this way. I'm...." she struggled porn videos to force out the word. "Goodness, Bonnie, I am pretty." Bonnie snorted. "Pretty, hell, girl. You are beautiful." "Sexy as hell" was Jack's uninvited input. Jacqui ordered him back indo xnxx into xnxx bokep his cave. She had enough trouble on xnxx tv her hands. "Heck, a little work and you would have the boys xxnn lining up to take you out." That remark got just the negative response the Bronwyn had expected. "Boys are not a big thing in my life, Bonnie. I have things to work out before I consider going that way." Bonnie shrugged. xxx video "Whatever. Boys do have their xnxx stories uses, especially if you train them well. Still, you xnxx hd still ought to make the most xnxx 2019 of your looks because xnxx indo the other girls will notice. I don't xnxx anime understand how you can have all this wonderful stuff and not use it. And that bloody ponytail. Let me tell you, porno xnxx Jacqui, if xvideo I see sex xnxx that thing again I am going to do something violent to your hair." Jacqui's voice became a whisper. "One reason I don't use it is xxx videos because I don't know how. Mom bought this stuff, not xnxx/ me. This, " and xnxxx she swept a hand over the top of the cosmetics, "is not something I would purchase. I just xnxx korea don't see myself that way." "Well, you ought to, girl. And how can you not know how to use makeup? Your Mom seemed to wear hers well enough. Really subtle work - only another woman would even see what she had done. If she bought this, why didn't she teach you how to do it?" Jacqui looked away. "Ummm, well, my Mom and I are not getting along just now." "Huh!" was Bonnie's disbelieving response. "The woman I saw tonight thinks you put the stars in the sky. I like your Mom." Suddenly, Jacqui needed to talk to someone, needed to air her feelings, at least a little. xnnn Wasn't that what friends were for? Carefully, she chose her words and asked, "What if I told you she took something from me, maybe forever. xnxx sex videos Something free porn I never thought I could lose because it was everything I thought I wanted out of life. She simply took it from me, without warning, and then thought I should be grateful." Bronwyn listened to the emotion as much as the words. xnxx desi She heard the hurt, the lingering sense of betrayal. She paused as if to consider Jacqui's words. "Sounds like a man." she said, deliberately misunderstanding, "Is that why you aren't into boys, because you have a man you are in xnxx teen love with?" "No. Nothing like that. More like a dream. What xnxx barat I wanted to do with my xnxx download life. Where I would go to school. Something like that, anyway." She sighed. Bonnie pursed her lips. "Well, I don't know, girlfriend. Off hand, and without knowing the whole story, I would say your Mom probably xnxx hindi thought she was doing the www xnxx best she sunny leone xnxx could for you. I don't know much about her, but if that was not love and pride I saw in her eyes at xnxx india dinner, I completely misread her. Don't you love her?" The infinitely costly question was out in the open. Bronwyn crossed her mental fingers for her dear xxnx friend. "So much xnxx com it is killing me to think she could do this to me, change me into www.xnxx a wo... I mean, change my entire life without so much as a "by your leave" or honest warning." "Do sex video you think she loves you?" Another big question floated down on to the table. "Now. I think she does now. vina garut xnxx I thought she did before, but then she did this. And all I can wonder is what wasn't good enough about me before?" "Jacqui, you are working very hard not to tell me explicitly what your Mom did. What I do think is that she loves you and you love her, and you are both hurting. I think you should try to believe that she did whatever "it" was, because she honestly believed that it was the best thing she could do for you. If you try that, and you find japan xnxx you cannot believe it, xnxx tv then maybe you have to free porn leave. You are almost eighteen. You can leave after you graduate from school." "If I do that, I can never regain what I lost." "Can your Mother undo what she has done?" "She says she can't. After seeing how miserable we have both been, I think I even believe her, but she says she has the means xnxx japanese to xnxx video help me undo it. Eventually." "It sounds to me as if she made a mistake, Jacqui, one based in love, but a mistake none-the-less. Do you think she is unwilling to https // help you xnxx gay achieve this goal of yours now?" "No." Jacqui sighed. "She is not unwilling. Disappointed, but she will help me." "Then if I were you, I would try to forgive her and get on with your life and what you must do. Love is a very precious commodity in this life, luv. I would not throw any of it away if I were you." Tears cascaded down Jacqui's face, cutting mascara-black rivers through the rest of her makeup. Sobbing, she let Bonnie take her in her arms and lead her to the bed, where she cried herself to sleep in the comfort of her friend's arms. A Change of Direction Chapter 13 It was a quieter, more introspective Jacqui who ruthlessly sex videos drilled her friend on calculus differentials and derivatives the next day. Bronwyn had not carried through on her xnxx teen threats of the previous night when the familiar ponytail had reappeared after vidio xnxx Jacqui's morning shower. When the pair took a break to walk to the store for some things Laurie needed for dinner, Bronwyn let her friend brood in peace. Bronwyn was tired of hearing Bonnie's chatter, too, and even more tired of having to think of things to chatter about. When they returned, Jacqui surprised her Mother by giving her a pecking kiss on the cheek along with the groceries. Then she hustled a resigned Bonnie back off to the library for more calculus work. Around four p.m., Jacqui called a halt for the day, much to Bronwyn's undisguised relief. The two went up to the japan xnxx bedroom and cleaned up for dinner. Bronwyn nearly cheered when Jacqui took down her hair and tried for a facsimile of what Bonnie had done for her the night before. Jacqui did not ask for help, and so, Bronwyn elected not to offer any. Then she added just a touch of lipstick, applying it with such care and intensity that Bronwyn had to go into the bathroom to xnxx indian keep from laughing and ruining everything she'd worked for. Dinner was a quieter affair than the xnxx mom previous evening's had been. Laurie and Bronwyn let Jacqui set the tone, and she was too distracted to contribute much in the way of conversation. If, from time to time, the other two women xxx xnxx glimpsed the Transformed Woman staring intently xnxx selingkuh at her Mother, they did not remark upon it. Bronwyn xxxx had set the stage for xvideo the internal battle that Jacqui was fighting, but the battle had to be fought alone. They could hope that she would come to accept what had happened to her and forgive her Mother for her part in it, but only Jacqui could xnxx porno make that decision. They had, rightly or wrongly, made the first decision to Transform Jack into Jacqui, and now, xnxx com/ Jacqui had to live with the effects of that decision. Laurie, Bronwyn and the entire Sisterhood would now have to live with xnnx the ramifications of the decisions that Jacqui would have to make for herself. Bonnie sent Jacqui upstairs to bathe sunny leone xnxx after the dinner porn videos dishes were done, giving video xnxx her first crack at xnxn the tub. Once she was out of hearing range, Bronwyn turned to Laurie. "I couldn't get her out of the room last night once I had her dolled up. vidio xnxx She confided wwwxnxx in me sooner than I thought she would and then she porno xnxx broke down under the emotion." Laurie started to say something, then looked away. She did not want to see the pity in Bronwyn's eyes. "Does....does she hate me?" The answering hug was fierce. "She is hurt, luv, but she loves you very much. That is why she wants to hate you, because the love made the hurt worse." Bronwyn wanted to ease her friend's pain at Laurie videos xnxx still saw as "her failure". "At least https // we really only lose a few years, Laurel. If Jacqui does effect the re-Transformation, Jack xnxx asia xxx xnxx will then only be able to father xnxx bokep girl children, whom you will be able to train into the Sisterhood. xnxx selingkuh They won't have the Power themselves, but like us, they will breed only sons who *will* possess that spark. And you and I will be there to help convert those sons to our calling. It is only a momentary setback, love, not a deathblow." she said fervently. "We will have lost Jacqui's considerable potential, but the Sisterhood *will* survive, Laurel." Laurie nodded, then she seemed to xxnn visibly steel herself. "If I am still here xnxx com/ to videos xnxx train those children, Bronwyn." Laurie's eyes overflowed before turning hard xnxx desi and flat. "As High Priestess of xnx the xnxx indo Sisterhood, you are aware that there is a way to break my final xnxx hot Spell without Jacqui having to go through the entire learning xnxx korea process." Bronwyn started to correct Laurie's misstatement and then she realized what vina garut xnxx her friend meant. Stark terror clutched at Bronwyn's heart. "No! You will not even permit you to consider that option. Have faith in your daughter. If she wants to be a male again enough, she will do what needs be done. I forbid you even to discuss this further. If she elects xnxx jepang to opt out of the Sisterhood, that is one tamil xnxx thing. We will *need* you when the dark time comes. I don't know if we can prevail without you." "It is not your choice, Bronwyn, and in this instance, I don't care about the needs of the Sisterhood. My child is what I care about, and if my child cannot www xnxx com forgive xnxx telugu me for what I have done to him. If my child wants nothing more of me than to be free of me and my foolhardy decision to Transform him against sex video his will, then I will do anything," the word came out as a sobbing rasp, "anything to make that up to him. And you bokep xnxx will see that it is xnnn done, xnxx desi because it is my right to ask it of you and your duty to see that my Death Wish is granted, High Priestess. On my death, the enchantment that prevents anyone but Jacqui from xvideos undoing the Transformation Spell will die with me. I ask, as my formal Death Wish, that the Sisterhood grant my child's wish should that come to xnxx 2019 pass, High Priestess." Tears were now streaming down Bronwyn's cheeks. Goddess, how could you permit this to go so wrong. And yet, she is right. It would work, and damn her, desi xnxx I don't have any other choice. Refusal would be grounds for my dismissal as High Priestess and my replacement would still have to japanese xnxx do as she asks. "Very well," the words shuddered out of her mouth, "So Be It." "So Be It." Laurie responded. "Give her a chance, Laurie, please? At least a xnxx. few more months? If college sport is more important to her xnxxx than her Mother, surely we can wait until summer. Give me that much time? And besides, she won't xxxx want the gift at that price." "She will never know." was the angry response. "I will die somewhere else, in an "accident". You will never https // tell her, xnxx videos Bronwyn, or I swear, my friendship to you www.xnxx is forfeit." "Time, Laurie," xnxx sex video she pleaded one more time, "Give me time, please." xnxn Laurie saw the acquiescence in her xnxx .com friend's xnxx cina eyes and xxnx nodded. "Very well. Until the Summer Solstice, Bronwyn. desi xnxx We will try sex video to help her find her way in this world that is not of her choosing. We will teach her the things and arts she must learn to wield the Gift of the Goddess and to control the Transformation Spell. *But*, if we cannot do that, and my child remains as miserable as she is right now, then we will give her back the life she wants." "At the cost of your own, Laurel? Goddess, woman, she loves you, Laurie. I know she does." Bronwyn whispered. "That only makes it worse. Take care of her, Bronwyn. I need some rest." And with that, Laurie left the room. "Goddess, what ever am xxx videos I going to do now?" Bronwyn asked plaintively. There was no answer. She went up to the bedroom after fixing her face (it had taken more magic than makeup) sex videos and found xxn Jacqui watching the end of "The Wizard of Oz" on television. Even though it was Hollywood xnxx jav schlock, Bronwyn cringed a little when Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch with the pail of cleaning water. Thoroughly distracted by free porn her confrontation with Laurie, she did not notice when tamil xnxx Jacqui perked up at the Wicked Witch's dying words. xnxx jav After the credits rolled, Jacqui turned to her friend. "So, what do we xnxx/ do tonight? Another makeup lesson to get back at me for beating you bloody with the Central Limit Theorem?" Doing her best to look evil and mischievous, Bronwyn asked in a passable imitation of the Wicked Witch, "Well, my pretty, how ever did you guess?" Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 51 days A. T. Bonnie is asleep now. She's exhausted - it must be really tiring being such a demanding bitch. If she is as put out with my "dictatorial teaching style' as she let on earlier today, she sure got even with me tonight. For tonight's lesson in "Basic Girl Stuff - 101", she porn xnxx made me do my own making up. This was *not* a pretty sight. She did, however, eventually relent enough to show me how to fix my mistakes without having porno to clean and scrape the gunk off and start from scratch each time. Since xnxxx I made a lot of mistakes, I had plenty of opportunities to practice. I finally xnxx indonesia got to where I was about half as good looking as I was last night. I still don't get it. Why do xnxx mom real women, oops, excuse me. xnxx jav . . . Why do *we* put up with this?? After she had laughed herself into a better mood at my expense, so she showed me some other things you can do with cosmetics. She turned me japanese xnxx into quite porn the sexy little slut. None of the subtlety xnxx indonesia of last night, just bright color and stark contrasts. I looked like a real life xnxx japan version of that gypsy dancer from that Disney movie take off on the "Hunchback of Notre Dame". That was not all xnxx movies bad. Maybe this could serve some purpose I don't yet understand. Watching her do it to me in my mirror took my mind off . . . things tonight. I wonder if Bonnie is going to xnxx download study psychology in college? She sure xnxx app is not xnxx vina garut going to study math or physics, but she did a great job of xnxx indian shredding my mind last night. Afterwards, we cuddled in my bed. I thought we were going to porno end up playing "you-show-me-yours-and-I'll-show-you-mine" by the Braille method (with our fingers, Jack), but just before we could get into each other's panties, she fell asleep. ASLEEP!!! I don't know how she could do it. I was so knotted up xnxx bokep inside, I xnxx stories went back into the bathroom to let my fingers do the walking. Maybe *real* girls don't get worked up that way? Another little extra added benefit of the Transformation Spell, perhaps? bokep xnxx A case of terminal hot pants? End Journal Entry. *************** Sunday started much as Saturday had, except that Jacqui was a little more talkative. After helping clean up the breakfast sex dishes, she absently kissed her Mother before dragging a loudly complaining xnxx asia Bonnie off to continue the studies. At two o'clock, Jacqui looked up at her friend. "You sure you really porn want to take these courses?" Caught, Bronwyn thought. "No, I don't, but pre-vet schools look for things like this on your transcript." "You will make a great Vet, Bonnie. You have a way of being. . . comforting even when you are chewing xnxx japan me out." Jacqui smiled in self derision. "Like last night about my Mom." She reached out and took Bronwyn's hand. "Thank you for that. My Mom and I were able to talk more easily this morning. What you said the other night, well, it helped a little." "I am glad." She made a shaking movement with her shoulder. "Now, am I going to pass these tests?" "I think so. Actually, the last few hours have not been bad." That is because I have been eavesdropping on your mind as xnxx porno you work the problems out for yourself, Bronwyn thought. "Yeah, you should do fine." "Then can we please relax for the rest of the weekend?" Jacqui laughed at how pitiful her friend managed to look. "Okay, but I'd like a favor." xnxx indonesia Bronwyn gave a "so ask" look. "Could you help me dress for dinner? Clothes, makeup, the works? I'd . . ahhhh, I'd like to xnxx sex videos surprise Mom. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 52 Days A. xnnx T. I am not sure, but I think I xnxx movies made Mom xxx xnxx download cry tonight when I came down xnxx tv to dinner. Bonnie helped me get ready. All right. xnxx porn She did everything, and I just sat there. She made me xnxx arab up as she did the first night - really subtle. I can still barely see what she does, only I know Jacqui xnxx jepang looks a whole lot better xnxx india when she is done. She put me in a skirt and blouse, which surprised me. I thought she would pull out one of those dresses Mom bought which still have not seen the light of day from my closet. I think she chose this outfit because she has seen me in fairly xnxx hd often and figured I would be more comfortable in www xnxx it. She did something strange with my hair. . it twis